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토토사이트: Researching Online Gambling

Internet gambling has been considered one of the fastest forms of gambling in the world today. According to reports from AGA or the American Gaming Association, more or less 3,000 online gambling websites offer sports wagering, casino games like poker, bingo, as well as a lottery. Internet gambling generated more or less $50 billion in yearly revenue.

Although it is legal in more or less 80 countries, the United States have made it almost, if not illegal, to conduct a financial transaction on the Internet for the sole purpose of placing a wager or bet. Together with the Federal Wire act of 1961, these laws have been used to fight illegal digital gambling. 

But the legal community in the United States changed a lot in December 2011 with the announcement from the United States Justice Department, limiting the Federal Wire Act applied to any forms of sports betting. The decision gave the necessary licenses in states that offer extensive options for online gambling games. 

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Because of this, there has been a flurry of laws passed at both the federal and state levels. It includes bills that legalize and regulate (federally) virtual poker or Internet gambling in general. As the United States state and federal government officials talk about the legalization of some forms of online gambling. The questions mentioned below have been raised by clinicians, researchers, as well as policymakers:

Is wagering on the Internet, especially those that attract bettors who are included to develop gambling issues?

Is any kind of online wagering – sports betting, casino games or poker – a risky industry, even for people who are not at risk in developing wagering problems?

Does the speed of specific games and social isolation of online wagering promote excessive gambling?

Is it possible to support responsible gaming for all players?

The only way to answer the questions mentioned above is to let empirical, rigorous studies and peer-reviewed science will test the assumptions critical in the questions above – specifically the traditional wisdom that modern technology that increases health risk.

The state of Internet wagering studies

Recent studies offer mixed feelings when it comes to the health risks of this activity. A lot of top publications are either commentaries and not actual research or surveys that have limited value since they did not use the necessary samples.

Not only that, the collected data from test subjects were based on self-report of test subject’s past behavior, a prevalent approach in social science research. But this type of analysis can quickly get biases from both sides because of poor memory, as well as other essential factors. 

On the other hand, current researches, including Harvard Medical School’s pioneering works have developed new techniques to study online wagering by studying actual game transaction of more or less 50,000 online players. By using actual patterns instead of relying on the test subject’s self-report, it provides the researchers with an objective and very detailed information when it comes to betting behaviors, a condition where players place their wagers. 

The white paper focuses on the analysis of these behavior patterns in the data set by scientists. As of today, it is the most reliable study available since it uses real-time data instead of relying on what the test subjects are saying to document their Internet wagering patterns.

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Study on online casino

According to studies, a lot of players gamble moderately when compared to overall patterns of behaviors from all subscribers. Not only that, more or less 5% of online gambler test subjects appeared to engage in excessive wagering behavior patterns when it comes to money and time spent. 

Note: The research did not screen for wagering problems; that is why it can’t be assumed that players in the category have been diagnosed with wagering disorder.

The researcher’s overall findings contradict the notion that this activity is a public health problem since online gambling’s structural characteristics like the speed of play and easier access compared with conventional forms of gaming. 

Instead, the picture of virtual casino emerging from the research appears to be very consistent with the prevalence rates of wagering disorders all over the world, which range between one and two percent. The following parts summarize the studies on sports betting, casino games and virtual poker. It is imperative to know that science has not determined whether a particular game – traditional or online – affects the development of certain disorders. 

Digital poker players

Virtual or digital poker has been fueled by the popularity of card games, especially those that are promoted by television tournaments as well as websites like 토토사이트 or Toto sites. Noting that the widespread poker – for students – playing is considered as one of the top activities at schools or universities. 

A lot of people expressed concern that online casino poses a threat to young adults. With these problems in mind, researchers produced the first population analysis of actual behaviors evidenced by large cohorts of online casino players. While the study’s test subject did not identify their ages for the project, the information provides a broader picture of behavior patterns for virtual casino players.

This study is our first step in understanding the behavior patterns of digital casino players. It is very important for the next step in identifying casino playing on the Internet among college students to professionals. Researchers hope to check virtual casino playing patterns for adults who are legal to gamble to know if their behavior is constant or consistent with the findings.

Online sports bettors

Sports gambling on the Internet involves live betting like bets made in real-time about games, or fixed-odds betting like bets made on the results of sports competition. According to experts, sports betting found that most website subscribers engage in sports wagering, with low to medium-level gamblers making more or less three to four euros every fourth day. Players tend to adapt pretty quickly to online betting as evidence by rapidly developing declines in participation, size, and the number of bets.

먹튀검증: What You Need to Know before Choosing an Online Casino?

There are more than a billion people who gamble around the world. Some of them like playing one kind and others prefer playing another type of game. It’s common for everyone that they all love money and winning while playing.

If you’re about to start playing on the internet, you need to know a couple of things. Read on if you want to know more about what need heads up and enjoy your favorite game through the internet.

1. Safety

The first thing that you need to know, is safety. If you want to be sure that you’re in the right place, you should visit 먹튀검증. This is a place where you can see how a proper page looks like and you can be sure that it is safe.

If you’re looking for a page that is written in English, then you need to look for certain safety certificates. They are always on the bottom, so make sure there are safety protocols that will keep your money safe while you play.

The popular online casinos always have these certificates. You don’t need to worry about that. However, if you like playing on pages that are not as popular, then it’s best to spend a minute of your time and check out this detail. It may be useful because after you get robbed, there’s no going back. Chances are small that your money will be found and returned, so make sure you’re safe.

A license for work is another feature that your online casino must have. Not every web page offering gambling on the internet will have them. Yes, they’ll work just like another one out there, but the difference is that they don’t bear the responsibility to anyone. If you get scammed, no one will be there to protect or even listen to your case.

2. Convenience

The best thing about online gambling is that you can do it whenever you like, wherever you want, and however you wish. Unlike the traditional casinos, on the internet, you’re not obligated to follow any rule except the rules of the game you’re playing.

There’s no need for dress codes, nor will someone tell you to shush if you start swearing because you lost a great hand. No one cares what you do at home and how you play from the other side of the screen and the internet connection. 

Moreover, you don’t even need to be at home to do it. You, your spouse, and the kids are out on a picnic. They’re having a walk in the woods and you’re bored in the middle of the field. Why not enjoy a game of video poker while waiting for them to come back?  All you need is an internet connection. See more on this here.

A better example is when you go to work. You spend hours back and forth in the traffic. While there, you can play whatever you want. There are no limitations, you can do it always.

If you’re at home, you can do it with a large bowl of popcorn and a soda next to you dressed in pajamas. You can hold your cat in the lap, listen to it purr, and play some blackjack. Sounds cool? It’s because it is!

The traditional casinos always make you respect a certain dress code and they are also full of rules once you’re inside. That’s why it’s better to play on the internet instead of going to large and crowded places outside the town.

3. Marketing manipulations

Even though ground casinos know and use much more marketing manipulation, you need to know that web pages also use some tricks. Sure, it is no near the things ground casinos do, like giving you free things to make you play more and lose all your money, but it’s still something you need to know.

As we just said, the casinos are aware of the statistical fact that the more you play, the more you have the chance to lose money. Statistics say that you’ll ultimately lose money to the house if you play long enough. There’s no chance to win whatsoever.

The reason for this is that the games are made that way for the customers to have a lower chance to win in a row more times before they quit. But, even if this happens, the managers inside will immediately offer you a drink, free food, free rooms, and other features to enjoy just to keep you inside the place.

If you noticed, there’s no clock inside the casinos. The reason for this is to make people lose track of time and make them stay inside more. See more on casino tricks here:

You don’t have this problem with online casinos, but you still need to know a few stuff. For example, being a regular to one web page will certainly get you lots of bonuses, free chips, prizes, and similar. Also, before starting to play, most of the online casinos will give you free chips to play for some time and experience the place best.

When you try to quit a page, they’ll always offer you something not to do it. The reason is the same as ordinary gambling places. Keeping the players on the tables and make them put more money in play. Chances to win and come out profitable are not big, so you need to be aware of this fact. Make sure you ignore these ads. If you won and you want to quit, just do it! Don’t mind anything else.


These three points are the most important things you need to know before you indulge yourself in playing on the internet. There are so many issues you need to mind, but these are the most important ones. The rest is not that big of a deal.

Follow these rules and you can be sure that you’ll enjoy some great gambling. If you can make some money too, then even better.