Mind-Blowing Facts About Casinos

Gambling enterprises have always drawn pretty much attention and have been in the very limelight of the world’s entertainment sector. The controversy and popularity that underlie the gaming industry do make it remarkable and resonant and thus justify the hype around the “fun sin.” Still, while it seems that the fuss that encompasses today’s gambling enterprise can’t be surpassed, there are indeed certain factors that manage to foreground the existing popularity of this industry. These are several fascinating facts from the alluring world of risky gaming that will definitely leave you speechless! 

  1. A Sandwich Was Born

Have you ever wondered how this quick meal appeared on our to-eat list? Well, there’s quite a credible legend revealing the legendary “invention” of a sandwich. It attributes the creation of this fast-food snack to gambling; to be more precise, the legend says that John Montagu, the Earl of Sandwich ordered his servants to get him a piece of meat between two slices of bread. The thing is that Montagu did not want to leave the table where he was having a hell of a hot game, and thus wanted to gobble down something delicious and nutritious right during the showdown. But, as every legend, this one also evokes dubiousness and speculation. Still, who knows, maybe gambling should be really credited with a yummy dish we know as a sandwich.

2. Imprisoned Gaming

Common as it may sound, gambling in Nevada knows neither boundaries nor bars, literally speaking. Between 1932 and 1967, the state prison in Carson City was a sheer proof of that – the gambling industry did infiltrate the correctional facility, spicing up the inmates’ guilty routine with a decent selection of games, such as blackjack, craps for beginners, poker for pros, and betting. But, at the end of the day, the business was done away with, after the warden cast substantial doubt on the fun gaming within a penal institution. 

3. Who Said Card Counting Is Illegal?

It turns out, gambling rules do allow this trick in games – in blackjack, for instance, it’s allowed to count cards. Although, smart players risk to get banned from a casino as the owners normally confront such cunning actions in the game with some rules aimed at preventing them. One of such “victims” of casino policy was notorious Mars hero Ben Affleck – the Armageddon star was kicked out of the casino after being caught counting stars on his cards.

4. First Slot Was Played At an Auto Shop

After creating the first slot machine in 1895, Charles Fey placed it in his auto shop where the customers could try out the breakthrough device. The players had a chance to pioneer slot gaming while waiting till their vehicles were fixed. 

5. Humble Vegas

A life of a seasoned gambler can never be the same after finding out that Las Vegas is not the gambling capital of the world. And so must be their mind, after they find out that the sacred place is taken by another gaming megapolis, Macau. Do you want some more? There’s one more surprising fact that can be interesting for Sin City fans – as of 2012, Vegas’ Eastern “bro” had the revenue of five times over its US gambling counterpart.