Process Of Earning Free Bitcoin

Want to get free bitcoin? Do you face issues while collecting free bitcoin? We have a guide which can give you easier ways to get bitcoins for free and the process is quite easier than you expect. Below mentioned are the six ways through which you can get free bitcoin :

  • Scams and gambling
  • Faucets
  • Games
  • Affiliate programs
  • Getting paid directly in bitcoin

Let us talk about these six ways of getting free bitcoin in brief.

Scams and gambling

If in any case, you fall for scam then typically you are definitely going to lose money while gambling and thus these options are considered as least profitable. But it is worthy to mention scams because many “free bitcoin” offers that you get are simply scams and nothing else.

In cases where you do not understand what the offer is then there are chances that the offer is a scam and you most probably will get free bitcoin. These ways are considered as legitimate ways to collect bitcoins for free, so if they ask you for the payment then it is a distinct red flag.

But in contrast, the most important thing about gambling is that these sites are more often legitimate and quite similar to online gambling. They are all full of ads and you mostly end up losing money here yet again there are chances of you winning some free bitcoin, it all depends on your destiny here. 


Faucets have a characteristic of dripping bitcoin on the websites at a rapid speed. For example, there is a website that frequently releases a fraction of bitcoins every ten minutes.

Though the amount of bitcoin is a very low amount which equals a few dollars which are awarded to a user after every few minutes. 


We all get reward points whenever an individual wins a game, here also you get free bitcoin as a reward or a prize. Even these rewards are filled up with several advertisements. The function of games also works very similarly to faucets.


There was a time when it was very easy to make hundreds and thousands of bitcoins with the help of mining. But nowadays the task has become more difficult. Mining is mostly dominated by big players and earn hundreds and thousands of dollars with the help of mining. 

Thus these are the ways and tricks with help of which people can easily earn money as well as free bitcoin. There might be other ways to earn bitcoins but these are one of the best ones that one should definitely try.