Questions you Need to Ask When Choosing Sports Betting Services

There are a lot of sports gambling and betting services available on the Internet, and every one of them will promise you a huge profit. Every sport betting service is claiming they are the best in the business. If 50 betting services are claiming they have the best methods or services in the country, at least one of them is telling a lie. 

The big question is, how can you distinguish companies that are the best or good at the very least? First of all, you need to know that you can make your own bets or picks if you know how the game works. A lot of bettors do not have secret information, so the playing field is pretty even. 

Most experts believe that most of the people who engage in this type of business already know what “45-23 last 68 picks: red hot handicapper” means. People with little to no knowledge about sports betting think that there is someone who can make them rich, but in the sports gambling world, that is not going to happen. 

The only one who can make you a lot of money is yourself. For example, a lot of short-term results from major site or 메이저사이트 in South Korea, that provides betting services on the Internet, are usually because of luck and not skills. 

If you do not believe this, let me give you an example. Let’s say you are flipping a coin, if the conditions are pretty fair and you flip the coin more than one time, the Tail and Head will have a 50-50 chance. You can’t see any significant advantage there. But if you flip the coin 60 times, and the result will be 26-34 in favor of Tails, do it one more time and it can go in favor of heads. It can also go 30-30. If your wife makes the flip, the result will be different.

The thing here is, we do not have any significant advantage. But if someone asks me for the result of the coin flip, a can tell them that the record is favorable to Tails, and if the outcome is favorable to Heads, I have the power not to say to them the result. 

It is how handicapping and promoting a short-term result work, and it can fool anyone who has no idea on how this game works. These companies do not have any forms of advantages. But if you want to have a winning tradition in sports betting and you want to beat the bookmakers, you need to have an edge. 

We believe that you can make a bet on your own. If you take into consideration the cost of the company’s services, the odds dropping or the betting odds, it is best if you invest in yourself, gain gambling knowledge and make a bet on your own. But there will always be handicappers that can help you increase your chances of making a profit. But finding them is pretty hard. Listed below are some questions you can ask to help you find these excellent handicappers.

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Can you show me at least three years of your track record?

No one will pay for a gambling service who says they are on a 32–14 in the last 50 picks. That is almost impossible to achieve. But everyone can have a 32–14 or 14-32 run, but you need to show a detailed record of your picks for the past three years. 

Ask them to send you their files with detailed information like picks and risks so that you can make a good look at their methods and techniques. It should be the first question you need to ask these service providers who sell betting picks. Always focus on the outcome and the bigger picture. Every person has a month or a year of losing streak, but if you are planning to invest, then you need to look at the outcome and the bigger picture.

Did they show you their Closing Line Value, Yield, Return on Investment or profitability?

A lot of sports gambling or betting services will just give you a closer look at the possible profit that you will get if you use their service and will only show you a short period record. That is an automatic red alert. Our advice is, stay away from them before it’s too late. Why? First and foremost, profit does not tell you anything. What if a person plays 100 games and he only win 30 of them, he plays 99 games with one unit and a game with 100 units? 

It is only an example. You need to see how good their company are, and if their picks are worth paying. Closing Line Value or CLV is the most significant indicator if a player is winning or losing. The most reliable and biggest bookmakers will track Closing Line Value from excellent players and says that according to historical stats, it is the most critical gambling factor. Not the win-loss record or the profit, but the Closing Line Value. You also need to ask them about the Return on Investment, Yield or their profitability,

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How do they charge their clients for their services and how much?

When you are talking about profits and Return on Investment, you should also take into consideration that you will be paying for all the picks that you are playing. If you are paying for a service of $100 every month and if they are making ten units every month (given the one unit is $10 with $1,000 starting bankroll), do you think that you will be earning enough profit to continue betting? The answer is no — ten units of profit times ten dollars equal to $100. 

You need to deduct the cost of service, which is zero profit. You always need to take into consideration the money you are willing to spend, your units and whether you are making a profit or not, after the service provider how much money you need to bet on every game. 

We recommend that you only pay them 10% of your profit. Usually, even 10% is too much. Based on the present costs of sporting event gambling or betting on the Internet, you don’t want to pay these services a single dollar for their advice until you earn at least $10,000 on the bookmaker account.