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Roulette Paroli strategy

For many years, passionate gamers, but above all mathematicians, have been looking for systems to fight against luck. After all, there should be some way of achieving a profit in the long term and with a system or strategy with a chance of almost 50 percent, as the simple chances of roulette allow.

There are now different approaches on how to make safe money at the roulette table. But if you approach the individual strategies in a strictly mathematical way, you usually come to a result: The zero allows the chance of winning for the simple chance to drop below 50 percent and so you have no way of playing a system successfully in the long term. But let’s take a closer look at the so-called Roulette Paroli strategy at

How does the strategy work and what is the idea behind it?

The Paroli strategy is a popular system among beginners and advanced players alike, for two very simple reasons: The Paroli system is very easy to understand and is considered to be relatively effective. Basically, the Paroli strategy follows a doubling system, just like the Martingale strategyknows. But there is an important difference between the two strategies at a bt landline casino: While according to Martingale, the stake is always doubled when you have made a loss, according to the Paroli strategy, the stake is always doubled when you have made a profit. The idea behind this is that the strategy is significantly more capital-efficient. It is almost always a small bet that is placed until you have won. Then the stake is increased by the profit, so that actually only a small stake is paid out of your own pocket (assuming you assume that you have not made a profit).

How the Parolie strategy works with a 1 euro starting bet and three betting roundsAccording to the Paroli strategy, you usually only bet on the simple chances. This has the advantage that you can often increase your stake by the profit and thus make more money more safely. Which simple chance you choose is up to each player. Usually, after a win, the player continues to bet on the same chance, the so-called Gagnante (the winner). It was therefore erroneously said that the player bets with the bank. The stakes do not seem to be increased with your own money, but with the money. However, this view is fundamentally wrong: As soon as the player risks his bet again by winning the previous round, he of course only bets his own money. After all, he could always get up from the table with the money won,which of course couldn’t be done with the casino’s money.

Many players set themselves a profit goal to play the Paroli system, for example winning a double Paroli. If he wins the first round, he leaves the bet and win (first parole) and if the player wins again, the second paroli is set. If the third round is also won, the goal is achieved. But if he loses a coup before the goal is reached, he starts again with the original bet.

Example of Paroli strategy

The player would like to try a double paroli to the single chance red to win. Basically, 18 numbers promise a win, the other 18 numbers the complete loss and in the case of zero the stake is either blocked (in prison) or the player loses half the stake (depending on the set of rules or roulette variant).

Let us assume that the player bets 5 euros on red. It is won, so the stake and profit (= 10 euros) are again placed on red. If red appears again, you have already won 20 euros, which are bet again. Should red appear a third time, the Paroli strategy turned 5 euros into 40 euros within a short time. The goal of winning a double parole has been achieved and you start all over again.

If you lose it looks like this: The first two rounds are won again and the 20 euros are placed on the third round. This round is lost, but the loss of the original capital is only the originally wagered 5 euros.

In contrast to a game with the famous Martingale strategy, the risk in the Roulette Paroli game is not as high because your own stake is usually lower. This graphic shows you the example given above for a Paroli strategy both in the event of a win and in the event of a loss.

Why does the Paroli strategy not work in the long run?

When playing the Paroli strategy, the player can expect many small losses and few large gains. If you leave zero out of consideration, profits and losses would mathematically balance each other out in the long run. However, zero cannot be overcome and therefore ensures that you always lose a little mathematically with this system. It should be noted, however, that all of the probabilities are statistical mean values. these never have to arrive in this form – in reality it can always be different.

If you play the popular game of chance “Roulette” in the casino or online casino for a certain period of time, you should not set yourself too high a Paroli goal. A double Paroli system is preferred by many players, but a simple Paroli can also be used. This then ensures that you will stay in balance for a very long time, but will not experience a happy high either.

The fact is that the Paroli system is easier to control than most other systems and that it does not cost as much nerves and high losses due to the small stakes.

History of the Paroli strategy

The term Paroli does not originally come from roulette, but from a card game. The game “Pharospiel” was played as early as the 18th century and a rule of the card game said the following: Paroli is the name for a card in the Pharospiel , which is marked by the owner after it has won by bending a corner upwards. With this upward bending, the player makes it clear that he is temporarily foregoing the collection of the winnings and is putting the amount actually won back on the game together with the original stake. Should you win with this Paroli game, the player received three times the original stake from the bank.

Today one derives from the Paroli the saying “stand up to someone” or “turn someone down”, whereby the second is only rarely used, but still contains the reference to the original bending of a card. Basically, one simply wants to say that one is “opposing someone” or “trying to thwart someone’s plans by taking unexpected measures”. All these features of the Paroli game can also be applied to the Paroli strategy used today in roulette. It is resisted by taking an unexpected measure. In doing so, you forego the profit and place it on the game in addition to the original stake.

FAQ – the most common questions and answers

I think I could explain the Paroli strategy a little on this page. Below I have set up a FAQ section with the most common questions for you about this roulette strategy.

Can the Paroli Roulette System Really Win?

The Paroli Roulette system aims to win you because you only double your stake if you win. Here I explain how it works and what the idea is. Read the section carefully to learn all about this system.

What are the advantages of the Paroli roulette system?

This system offers several advantages. In addition to avoiding a large loss, you play this system with an extremely low risk, so this strategy is extremely capital-saving. Nevertheless, it is advisable to be extremely familiar with the rules .

What is the origin of the Paroli system roulette?

The origin of this strategy goes back to a card game called “Pharaoh Game”. This was already played in the 18th century and Paroli was the name of a card in this game. You can find more about the history of the Paroli strategy in the separate text section.

Is playing with a roulette strategy prohibited?

No, playing such a betting strategy is not prohibited. However, these strategies are not applicable to every variant, as there are simply some versions that have a betting limit. These providers are among the best roulette casinos that offer you a large selection of different variants in which you can apply a strategy.

What is a roulette system anyway?

A roulette system aims to be successful with a betting strategy. Similar to the Martingale strategy, the Paroli strategy is a doubling strategy in which the stake is doubled – either after a win or a loss.

Be careful of The Risk Of Gaming Addiction

Just take a gamble – you may win large! The appeal of a gravy train is effective. What if you could spend a single buck and win millions in the lotto? You begin acquiring one ticket, then another and …

Simply take a gamble – you might win large! slot online The appeal of a gravy train is powerful. What if you could invest a solitary buck and also win millions in the lotto game? You start out getting one ticket, then an additional and additional – however, you never win anything considerable. You may wind up with a gaming dependency.

You might win twenty dollars and also utilize it to get more tickets. As soon as you get the wagering pest, it’s a short action from purchasing a lotto game ticket at the corner store to pulling a chair up to the fruit machine in a gambling establishment.

There are numerous web wagering websites; it is basic for any individual, even children to wager. Teen gambling is growing. Web sites mention age demands. However, it is not imposed?

Teens are three times more likely to get addicted to betting than grownups. Some acquire countless dollars in wagering debt before they’re also old enough to obtain a motorist’s permit!

Gaming is a concealed addiction since it’s more likely to be carried out in secret than on an evening out to a gambling enterprise with good friends. When the slot online dependency gets larger, betting can take over many elements of your life.

Approximately 4% of Americans have a betting addiction. If you find that you long for the excitement of risking money and wishing to win big, then you’re an activity bettor. Yet if you’re more probable to bet when you’re upset or in some type of life situation, then you’re an escapist bettor.

An addiction to betting is as effective as medications or alcohol. The following are a few reminders to aid quit the betting dependency:

1. Tell your loved one or someone close to you. Ask for their support as you face your problem.

2. Minimize your access to money. Remove accessibility to simple credit history, throw out your credit as well as debit cards. Bring only small amounts of cash in your budget.

3. Modification of your path. Steer clear of from locations that are activated to gamble.

4. Keep away from people that motivate you to wager. If necessary, science Articles, transform your telephone number or e-mail address to make sure that they can’t contact you. Get in touch with the local Bettor’s Confidential team. Your household can attend this group with you, so they understand what is coming. And also locate a slot online knowledgeable therapist that can work individually with you.

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