Everything you need to know about poker bots

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You may have heard that poker bots are becoming increasingly common and that they could make it more difficult for regular players to win. How true is this, and how can you spot that you are up against a bot?

What are poker bots?

These are complex pieces of software that some players use to boost their chances of winning at poker. Bots work out the math on each hand and also study the way that their opponents play. This allows them, at least in theory, to achieve the perfect decision every time. 

You won’t see a bot, as it will just be running in the background of the computer of the person using it. They are easy to use, so someone who isn’t an expert in playing poker may decide to try one to boost their chances of winning more than they normally would.

Finding a poker bot for sale and then downloading it isn’t particularly difficult. They are designed to handle different poker variants, but they don’t guarantee that you will win on every occasion. 

How do they work?

These bots are becoming ever more complex, being able to pull together huge amounts of information to perform calculations and also to remember more data than any person.

Many poker sites ban the use of poker bots, but the problem is that it can be almost impossible for them to spot when one is being used. The player could have a bot that runs alongside the poker site, meaning that they just use it to give them information rather than place bets, making it a lot harder to recognize.   

Look for a reputable NJ online casino with options like Four Card Poker and Casino Hold ‘em. These professional websites don’t allow the use of bots and will take action to block any player that uses one on their games.

Spotting a poker bot in action

One of the strategies recommended by some poker experts is for players to join together to spot any suspicious behavior that could mean a bot is being used.  While this could be ideal, it isn’t easy to coordinate action with other players to do this.

Another way of spotting a bot is if a player takes exactly the same amount of time to make decisions and then places bets of the same size every time. You might also notice that a player doesn’t respond when you or other players try to chat to them.

If you think you have spotted a poker bot, then let the site’s support staff know. Most poker websites have strict conditions about this and will kick the player off if they can prove that a bot is being used.

Other players will look to use this knowledge to their advantage by tweaking their game to fool the bot. An expert player may consider adjusting their bets or their style of play to try and exploit the bot’s approach.

By understanding how bots operate, you should be able to spot them in action and avoid it causing you a problem.