The rarest casino games still played

Casino games are some of the most enjoyed and fun to play games that have ever been invented by humans. While some are complex and require dedication and time to be invested in there are others that can be enjoyed just by paying a visit as there is very little that you have to do to play the game. While some of the games gain popularity over time like Poker and Baccarat that are now almost synonymous to casinos,there are some that only a handful of casinos host and become very exclusive.

In this article, we will be shedding light on some such casino games that the majority of us have not come across yet simply because of their exclusivity. You can also try some exclusive casino games at mega888 and enjoy the experience of betting on the fun and sports that attract you the most.

The list features four of the rarest casino games:

Three-card Brag or three-card Poker-

It is an 18th-century game which happens to be the most extended-standing British version of the poker family. It was around the year 1721 when the first rules of Brag appeared, there have been several version of the game thar are being played till now. There are only a few casinos around the world where they host this game. Take the jackpot now at the best Australian online pokies at Casinonic casino!

Derby slots-

It is a family-friendly game that is still in action, and it is still loved by lots and lots of people. This was believed to work like an RNG machine, but some people think that it had a set pattern that could be exploited to win. It is when we talk about the older versions, and the new versions are much smarter and challenging to cheat.

The birdcage-

Also known as “chuck a luck”, this is an old school game that features three dices and is a typical example f a game of chance. Some people believe it to be more of a carnival game than a casino game. A player gambles on the outcome of the three dices that are in a spinning birdcage. This game can be enjoyed by both experienced as well as novice players in a casino. For the more experienced players, it acts as something new and fresh while the novice players can enjoy the fun of betting on a game where there ishardly any skill requirement.

Big six wheel-

It is probably the rarest games in the world, and indeed in this list, you will find this game only in three casinos in the world. AKA as the Big “six” this is also one amongst the many games of chance that can be enjoyed in a casino. Whether you believe it or not, it is easier to come across a similar game online if you are searching for one. There are many different versions of the game that you might come across, but the original game is as rare as it can get.